Released DarazScout V1.1.1 — With Stocks Data

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I really appreciate early adapters for helping me with DarazScout (we are 50 strong now), my goal is to give Daraz product hunters the best value for your time and help them scout by taking away unnecessary data collection steps. From their feedback I prioritized stock data availability from the listing page. And it’s here!

What is DarazScout?

If you are familiar with the world of ecommerce or are selling products on Amazon you would be familiar with tools like JungleScout and Helium. These are tools that help you do research on Amazon by helping you analyze data. I wanted to do something similar for Daraz, a leading e-commerce store owned by Alibaba. This tools help you scrape important data and analyze it.

Before you jump in…

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Please do note that you might find that stock data for some of the products might be missing. You should see 90–95% of the stocks accurately. Also you would note that data loading now takes 30 to 60 seconds depending on your internet speed.

Next features…

In the next few days in addition to improving two things listed above, I will be releasing basic 1st page analysis like number of 4 star listing, 5 star listing, average reviews and average price. This will be followed by some more complex data such as listing age, number of reviews in last week and last month. If you have any idea or feature that you would like me to prioritize feel free to drop me an email (you can reply to this one) at or a message on facebook.

DarazScout is driven by your feedback and I need more…

This is all beta and “I NEED YOUR FEEDBACK”. Please connect with me on Facebook or reply to this email.

Update and share with others….

Chrome should update this for your automatically by clicking the button below you can verify by seeing version as 1.1.1, I would really appreciate if you could spread the word and get more your friends to test!

Here is the link to the tool: DarazScout